Thursday, August 25, 2005

Web 3.0

Oh yes of course, web 3.0 mentioned here


Some inputs to what Web 2.0 is all about

I read this is going to be big and I read this wikipedia article and I think i agree with this article on defining the web 2.0 and also agree on this one saying it´s more like Web 1.5

What do You say? (above all, I wish for non-geeks to be more engaged in Web 2.0 than they were in 1.0)


First Post

Well then...what is Web 2.0 ?

Waiting for your comments. :-)

I would like to claim that one of the distinguishing features of web 2.0 is usergenerated content (such as blogposts and comments) and many-way-communication (as chatting in a room, compared to Web 1,0's one-way or sometimes two-way communication).

Is there a web 2.0 at all?

Post a comment and tell me how you got here, and what you think about Web 2.0


PS- deliberatetely choosed blogger for this. This is where the average non-geek started to contribute to the infocalypse by filling the online world with their thoughts.